Donate Blood, Give Life! World Thalassaemia Day 2020:

WorldThalassemiaDay is observed on May 8th every year. We can say that World Thalassaemia Day is  commemoration day in the honour of all patients suffering from thalassaemia and their parents who have never lost hope for life, despite the burden of their disease. 
This day is observed to encourage those who is struggle to live with the disease. 
struggle to live with the disease. 
and also to all scientists who are doing hard work with dedication and trying to provide improved quality of life to people with thalassaemia across the globe.

What is Thalassaemia Disease?

Thalassemia is an inherited blood disorder, which is transferred from parents to their off-springs.
This condition leads to a lack of an oxygen-carrying protein called haemoglobin. Haemoglobin carries red blood cells (RBCs) to different parts of the body. A lack of haemoglobin means less oxygen for the whole body. This leads to anaemi.

It is an inherited blood disorder which passes from parents to children. 
There are several types of thalassaemia disease and its treatment depends on its types and severity. In this disease, the ability of the body to produce haemoglobin and red blood cells gets affected. Or we can say that a person suffering from thalassaemia disease will have a few red blood cells and very little haemoglobin. Its impact may range from mild to severe and life-threatening also. This disease is most common with the Mediterranean, South Asian and African ancestry.
Donate Blood, Give Life!

Your health is your first priority,    take care of your physical and mental health.          
Wash your hands often   

Keep your lunges healthy  

For the real heroes 
Doctors, Nurses and health workers.

Raising family and social awareness:

(Depressed person is not a 
burden for your family, 
it is your responsibility to love 
and care them)
My concern to reach this 
massage to everyone.. 
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