Avoid Painkillers to Save Your Kidney and Liver. Use a Non - toxic, Safer and Natural Painkiller Remedy " No Pain "

If we fell muscle pain , the first thing most of us reach for is the painkiller. The painkillers that are non - prescribed are big industry, and are commonly found in almost every household.   

Effect of painkillers:  
The effect of painkillers is short - term, like heartburn, indigestion, chest pain,
shortness of breath, and 
vomiting .
How ever, painkillers have lots of side  effects.
Longtime , regular use of painkillers can lead to addiction , kidney and liver disease. Permanently kidney and liver damage.        
So why not go for a non - toxic alternative,   safer, and natural painkiller remedy.           

I suggest you to use " No Pain " natural   painkiller remedy . Use " No Pain " as a  painkiller and enjoy a painless life forever    

Pain  relief within 10 minutes. Pain goes without side effects and provide  excellent  results. It helps to cure neck and back osteochondrosis, migraine, muscles and joint pain.

How does "No Pain " works:   

 -  As a result of full course of treatment it stimulates blood circulation and improves muscles  regeneration of cartilage and bone tissue.  
- After two weeks of the procedure a radical changes are visible.   
- Restores the blood flow in cervical spine, migraine disappear and improves eyesight. 
- Improve endocrin system and increase metabolism
- Reduce inflammation    
- Body cleanses from toxin.
What is osteochondrosis and migraine:      


is a caused by degenerative changes in the spine.  Osteochondrosis can occur in any segment of spine , in the cervical spine , thoracic spine and lumber spine. It occurs when small pieces of cartilage and bone become dislodged in the joint due to a lack of blood flow. This can occur any part of the body as well and is most common in the knee. This is most cases a creeping process that involves back pain which initially only occurs during excertion. It's usually begins in childhood as a degenerative or necrotic condition.
- Joint disorder     
" Focal disturbance of enchondral ossification "     
Can be articular or physeal  
- Multifactoral etiology  
Commonly cited possibilities include hereditary, rapid growth, anatomic conformation , trauma and dietary imbalances 
- Most likely cause in failure of blood supply to growing cartilage     

Stages of  osteochondrosis 

The first stage - there aredegenerative changes of pulp nuclei.   
The second stage - there are degenerative changes in fibrous ring , disc protrusion and disc hernia.   
The third - there are changes of hyaline plates - subchondrolsclerosis .

Migraine is a common & distressing disorder. It's not likely to take life but can destroy the quality of life during it's most rewarding moments.


Misaligned vertebra can pressure blood vessels or irritate spinal nerves. Pressured blood vessels   reduce blood flow for brain , irritated nerves may tell vessels to narrow further reducing blood flow.  Blood vessels is head expand to off set reduced blood supply, sudden expansion irritates surrounding nerves - the throbbing pain of a migraine. 

Symptoms of migraine ( that you may having a migraine) : 


1. Disabling & recurring headaches  
2. Intense throbbing sensation often on one side of the head 
3. Pain worsens when around light, noise and / or smells 
4. Experience aura, which are usually visually disturbances such as flashes of light shortly before the onset of a migraine   
5. Nausea and / or vomiting 
6. Neck pain ( osteochondrosis of cervical spine is the cause of migraine)  
7. Sinus symptoms ( stuffy nose , & watery eyes)  
8. Hormonal changes in women. Fluctuations in estrogen seem to trigger headaches in many  women   

A number of factors may trigger migraine. Including ---
Osteochondrosis and migraine is difficult but still possible to cure. So, try " No Pain " and be relieve  from pain . It stimulates blood circulation and improves muscles regeneration of cartilage and bone tissue. Restore the blood flow in cervical spine.   

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' Discourage people to take painkillers , encourage everyone to use natural painkillers   " No Pain " . Save  yourself, your family and friends from kidney / liver disease' .

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Unknown said…
I get relieve from ousteochondrosis by using “ No Pain “ natural pain relief remedy.
I do suggest to everyone to use no pain. It’s natural and no side effects.
Unknown said…
I’m Rezaul Islam
I also use no pain and it's really effective .I think everyone should use no pain to lead a healthy life
I am Mahanur Islam
Rukshana Sharia said…
Thanks for your comments Mr.Rezaul Islam.
Be natural with Lavender Dreamyy Health Remedy
Use No Pain for speedy life!

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