Diabetes and Frozen Shoulder : Often diabetes patients are experienced the frozen shoulder problem. Don't ignore that PAIN

Do You Experience Stiffness or Extreme Pain in your shoulders while doing movement? It can be  Frozen Shoulder. Don't ignore that pain : Frozen Shoulder May Be a Sign of Diabetes

Frozen shoulder is a condition that affects your shoulder joint. It usually involves pain and stiffness that develops gradually, gets worse and then finally goes away. This can take anywhere from a year to 3 years. Your shoulder is made up of three bones that form a ball-and-socket joint.
Adhesive capsulitis, also known as "frozen shoulder". Adhesive capsulitis is more prevalent in people who have diabetes.
There are three types of adhesive capsulitis. 

In the first, there is no direct explanation for the condition and pain and stiffness come on so gradually that you may not notice it until it interferes with your daily activities. Pain typically worsen at night.

The second type is caused by some kind of trauma, such as a fall, where pain and stiffness does not disappear over time.

The third type is thawing stage shoulder movement is begin to improve. Pain may fade,  but occasionally recur. 

Who Is At Risk?
About less percent of the general population get frozen shoulder, compared to about higher percent   of people with insulin-dependent and non-insulin dependent diabetes and in those with prediabetes. Women are more likely to develop the condition than men, and it mainly affects people between the ages of 40-65.
Although there is no conclusive link to high sugars or insulin use, long-term complications of diabetes may include changes in the connective tissue that occur as a result of high glucose levels.
People who have a history of adhesive capsulitis are at an increased risk to develop the condition on the other side of the body. Recurrence on the affected side is also possible, particularly in patients with diabetes.

Other risk factors include:

a. Thyroid problems
b. Changes in your hormones, such as during menopause
c. Shoulder injury
d. Shoulder surgery
e. Open heart surgery
f. Cervical disk disease of the neck
g. Parkinson’s Disease
h. Cardiac disease or surgery.

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