Someone who doesn't get enough of one specific nutrient has a nutritional deficiency, a form of malnutrition (although it doesn't necessarily mean the person will become seriously ill).
Even people who have plenty to eat may be malnourished if they don't eat foods that provide the right nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.
Some diseases and conditions prevent people from digesting or absorbing their food  properly. For a example :

🔵 some with 'Celiac disease 'has intestinal problems that are triggered by a protein called Gluten, which is found in wheat , rye and barlay.
🔵 kids with ' Cystic Fibrosis' have trouble absorbing nutrients because the disease affects the pancreas , an organ that normally produces enzymes necessary for digestion.
The most common nutritional deficiency in the world is iron deficiency, which can lead to anemia.
WHO( world health organization) estimates that as many 2 billion people worldwide don't get enough nutrients like iron, vitamins A, and Zinc in their diets.


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Malnutrition affects people of every age, although infants, children , and adolescents may suffer the most because many nutrients are critical for normal growth and development. Older people may develop  malnutrition because aging , illness, and other factors can lead to a poor appetite, so they may not eat enough.
Alcohol can interfere with nutrient absorption, so alcoholic might not benefit from the vitamins and minerals they consume. People who abuse drugs or alcohol can be malnourished or underweight if they don't eat properly.
Children and teens on special diets such as vegetarians - need to eat balanced meals and a variety of foods to get the right nutrients. Vegetarians and vegans , for example protein and vitamins like B12.


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Malnutrition harms both the body and the mind. The more malnourished someone is - in other word's the more nutrients that are missing - that more likely he or she is to have problems.
The signs and symptoms of malnutrition depend on which nutritional deficiencies a person has , although they can include :
🔵 fatigue and low energy
🔵 dizziness
🔵 poor immune function(which can hamper the body's ability to fight off infection)
🔵 dry , scaly skin
🔵 swollen and bleeding gums
🔵 decaying teeth 
🔵 slowed reaction times and trouble paying attention
🔵 underweight
🔵 poor growth
🔵 muscle weakness
🔵 bloated stomach 
🔵 osteoporosis, or fragile bones that break easily
🔵 problems with organ function
🔵 problems learning

If a pregnant women is malnourished , her child may weight less at birth and have a lower chance of survival:
🔵 Vitamin A deficiency from malnutrition in the chief cause of preventable blindness in the developing world, and kids with sever vitamin A have a greater chance of getting sick or dying from infections such as diarrhea or measles.
🔵 Iodine deficiency can cause mental retardation and delayed development.
🔵 Iron deficiency in infancy can delay development and make older kids less active and less able to concentrate.
TEENS who are malnourished often have trouble keeping up in school.


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Fortunately , many of the harmful effects of malnutrition can be reversed , especially if a child is only mildly or briefly malnourished.
Treatment for malnutrition depends on its cause. A doctor or dietitian might recommended specific changes in the types and quantities of foods your child eats ,and may prescribe dietary supplements. Such as Vitamins and minerals.
If there's an underlying problem causing the malnutrition, the doctor will help you find ways to ensure your child gets the necessary nutrients.
Few kids in the United States and other developed nations experience severe malnutrition like that seen in Third world countries.
Even finicky eaters usually get adequate calories and nutrients.

The best way for parents to ensure that kids are properly nourished is to serve a variety of healthy foods and limit.

UNHEALTHY SHACKS, If you're concerned that your child's energy level is lagging or that he or she isn't growing normally, share your concerns with your doctor.

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