The Influences Of Nature (genes) And Nurture (environment) On Human Development.

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Before this issue can be fully explained, it is important to understand what nature and nurture actually are.
Nature: can be loosely defined as genetic inheritance or the genetic make up (the information encoded in your genes) which a person inherits from both parents at the time of conception and carries throughout life.
Nurture :
In contrast nurture can be defined as the different environmental factors to which a person is subjected from birth to death. Example
🔵 prenatal nutrition
🔵 social environments

The question of how nature versus nurture influences human development has been an going debate for a very long time and at present there is no clear winner, as both nature (genes) and nurture (environmental factors)seem to play a vital and important role in human development.

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The influences:
🔵 nature responsible for the growth of a person from the fetus level until development into a normal adult.
🔵 its responsible for their sex, skin color, color of their eyes and hair and distinguishing features
🔵 assist in the growth of a fetus into a normal well - developed adult who may have inherited some special talents
🔵 nature uses the genetic coding to help in physical development and does impart some positive or negative traits to an individual
🔵 however , it is nurture which can be utilized to improve positive traits in a child
🔵 nature in the form of inherited traits does exist but a person's overall behavior is influenced a great deal by nurture
🔵 several recent studies carried out on infant and child behavior have shown that there is significant evidence to support the fact that nurture strongly influences human development especially in the early years.
🔵 the talent have been given by nature but they can only be developed in to skills through the hard work of nurture
🔵 nature is responsible for the normal and healthy infant, but it cannot entirely develop that fetus into an intelligent knowledgeable or athletic adult. This is possible only through the exposure that nurture gives a person.

Therefore, it would be correct to say that although the nature has some degree of influence, nurture strongly influences human development.

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