Personality Disorder.

Personality disorder is a term for several behavior patterns that make it consistently difficult for people to get along with others, regardless of the circumstances.
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People who suffer from a personality disorder have problem maintaining healthy relationships. Sufferers commonly blame other people or circumstances for problems they have created. This combination of difficulties leads to a sense of loneliness and isolation.

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Types of Personality Disorder
Antisocial personality disorder
People with antisocial personality disorder:
* do not follow rules
* show no regard for the feeling of others
* can be aggressive and violent
* are risk for alcohol and drug abuse
* are often in trouble with the law
Avoidant personality disorder
* may exhibit extreme shyness
* are fearful of rejection
* avoid relationships outside the family
Borderline personality disorder
* may suffer from extreme mood changes, swinging from being unrealistically happy to feeling extremely depressed
* may choose inappropriate friendships from a fear of being alone
* sometimes cut or burn themselves on purpose
* are more likely to threaten to kill themselves than people who suffer from other personality disorder
Dependent personality disorder
* are more commonly women than men
* may have an extreme fear of being alone
* have difficulty making or refuse to make decisions
Narcissistic personality disorder
* constantly seek attention
* imagine unrealistic personal success
* have difficulty taking about anyone but themselves
* are manipulative in relationship
Paranoid personality disorder
* are constantly threatened by the actions of others
* are unforgiving
* have explosive tempers
Schizoid personality disorder
* are withdrawn and distant
* are preoccupied with their own thoughts
* are fearful of close relationships
Schizotypal  personality disorder
* may be eccentric in their manners or clothing
* are socially anxious
* may talk to themselves

Children And Personality Disorder

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Personality disorders are rarely diagnosed in children's personalities are changing and developing as they grow. Kids can exhibit characteristics of a personality disorder but mature beyond that behavior. Suddenly making and breaking a close friendship may be a sign of borderline personality disorder.
However, this is quite common behavior in teenagers. Personality disorders are most accurately diagnosed in people older that 21.
You may have a personality disorder and be able to recognize and accept your condition.
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This acknowledgment can go a long way to getting better.
Seek help from a qualified counselor and stick with a treatment plan.
Adopt healthy lifestyle habits such ad the following :
- Eat a healthy diet
- Get plenty of sleep
- Practice yoga, meditation and relaxation techniques
- Avoid stimulants, alcohol and illicit   drugs.
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