Meaning Of Growth And Development

Child Growth and Development examines the physical, cognitive, social, and emotional growth of young children from prenatal development through middle childhood. It reviews prominent theories of development and topics such as health, nutrition, play and the family.

Growth refers to the increase in mass and size of a body.

Development is the process where a particular organism, not only grows physically but acquires mental and physiological growth as well.

Physical growth is an increase in size. Development is growth in function and capability. Both processes highly depend on genetic, nutritional, and environmental factors.

As children develop physiologically and emotionally, it is useful to define certain age-based groups. The following terminology is used:

 🔵 Neonate (newborn): Birth to 1 month

 🔵 Infant: 1 month to 1 year

 🔵 Young child: 1 year through 4 years

 🔵 Older child: 5 years through 10 years

 🔵 Adolescent: 11 years through 17 to 19 years.

Some developmental phychologists study developmental change covering the life span from conception to death. 

Development Means a progressive series of changes the occur as a result of maturation and experience. This means that development does not consist merely of adding inches to one's heigth of improving one's ability. Two essentially antagonistic process in development take place simultaneouly throughout life growth and atrophy.

Both begin at conception and end at death.

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