Conception(Planing and preparing for parenthood)

Creating a pre-pregnancy plan can be exciting yet nerve-wracking, sometimes causing anxiety in hopeful mothers and couples who are attempting to conceive for the very first time.

Before conception couple should begin some preparation for parental role. Three important areas of this preparation are

🔵Physical well-being, 

🔵psychological health and

🔵financial security.

The most important preparation after confirming the pregnancy :

🔵Medical check ups,

🔵Health care during pregnancy, 🔵Medicine during pregnancy, 

🔵Choosing a hospital and

🔵Choosing a name for baby.

Well-informed preconception planning reduces risks to you and your future child, increasing your chances of conception for a healthy pregnancy. 
When preparing for your pregnancy with a preconception strategy that works for you, you want to understand a few fundamentals beforehand.

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