Signs of Positive Developmental Delays: Gross Motor and Sensory Development

Delays in gross motor or sensory skills may be caused by a variety of neurological or orthopedic problems.

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The following may be signs of developmental delay-
Birth to 3months:
* Limbs trunk feel floppy and excessively loose
* Arms and legs in only a limited way
* Is unable to maintain a position on the stomach
3 to 6months:
* Limbs and trunk feel floppy excessively loose
* Arms and legs are stiff when moved during dressing and changing
* Move arms and legs in only a limited way
* Has trouble rolling from back to stomach and stomach to back
* cannot sit with support
* Has continued dominance of involuntary reflex movements
* Does not push down legs when feet are placed on a surface
* Has trouble soothing self or maintaining a calm state
* Has trouble being comforted when held
6 to 12months:
By 7Months
* Has weakness an one side when moving ; for example, pulls on one side only when crawling or walking along furniture
* Has stiff, light, or floppy muscles
* Does not sit without support
By 11-12month
* Does not bring objects to month often
* Does not bear weight on legs with supported standing or through arms with crawling
* Prefers one position only such as only sitting or standing
* Has trouble transitioning to solid foods
* Has trouble progressing with solid textures, biting, and chewing
18 to 24 month
By 18months
* Does not walk
* Has hypersensitivity to sounds, different textures , or movement
By 24 months
* Walks on toes consistently or has trouble achieving a heel - to- toe walking pattern
* Has trouble pushing wheeled toys
* Appears overly irritation
2 to 3 years:
* Walks clumsily, often losing balance
* through a ball with difficulty
* Jumps with difficulty
* Loses balance often when running
* Fixated on activities like, swinging, jumping, climbing, pushing or biting to the exclusion of others activities
* Tends to push too hard, has trouble with grading his force
* Has little interest in interactive games
3 to 5 years
* Does not jump
* Does not ride a tricycle
* Throws with difficulty
* Does not engage in a variety of activities
* Has trouble or protests a lot with dressing, feeding and toileting.


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