Natural Detoxification for Fruit Infused Water

Natural Detoxification for Fruit Infused Water

For Immune Defence, Digestion and Heartburn:

* One Orange * Half a lime  * One  lemon
How to Make the Water:
Wash Orange, Lemon and Lime then cut into pieces, then put all the ingredients into a water container and leave overnight to soak. Consumption in the next morning

For Fat-Burning, Digestion and Head-Aches
Green Tea + Mint + Lime  Ingredients:
* One tea spoon of green tea * Half a lime * Some mint leaves
How to Make the Water:
Wash Lime then Cut into pieces. Wash mint leaves as well, take green tea, then put all the ingredients into a water container and leave overnight to soak. Consumption in the next morning

For Hydration, Digestion, Apetite Control
Cucumber + Lemon + Lime Ingredients:
* Half a cucumber * Half a lime  * One lemon
How to Make the Water:
Wash Cucumber, Lemon and Lime then Cut into pieces, then put all the ingredients into a water container and leave overnight to soak. Consumption in the next morn…

Healthy Brain Foods (Memory Booster): Nutrition to help Kids Stay Sharp

Ever wondered how to keep the brain healthy and increase memory power!  The answer is lies in the food we intake and the healthy choice we make. The brain is a vital organ of the body. The brain is responsible for multiple functions in the body and specially performs the role of co-ordination.
Here we talk about some of the super foods (brain foods) to boost memory power and keep the brain healthy. These foods can help kids stay sharp and effect how their brains develop well into the future.
Dark Chocolates: Dark chocolates are full of flavonols, an element responsible for controlling the blood pressure. This in turn, helps to circulate blood to brain and aids in the normal functioning. 
You can eat some dark chocolates several times in a week. These chocolates have a slightly bitter taste but are excellent for the mind and body.
As a caution , always prefer dark chocolates which have 70-80% cocoa. 

Coconut Oil:It is not just a natural beauty product but also one of the best oils for the br…

Heredity and Your Health

Heredity is the passing of trails from a parent of a child. Your health can also be affected by your environment...

Examples of physical traits that can be passed from your parents to you. The color of your eyes, hair, skin, some diseases such as sickle cell anemia, diabetes-heredity and diet. .

Effect of heredity in psychological development: Hereditary, or the genetic transmission of characteristics from parents to offspring, determines personality to a certain extent. 

The health triangle is a measure of the different aspects of health. The health triangle consists of : physical , social and mental / emotional health. Physical health involves the health of your body, physical health includes: Exercise, Nutrition,Sleep, and  Hygiene. 

Healing Children With Essential Oils and Nourishing (Aromatherapy)

Essential Oils have powerful therapeutic effects . Most of them are natural antiseptics, and certain oils have highly effective, immune-boosting, disease - fighting properties that can kill air borne viruses, bacteria and fungi. They can be used preventively and also to treat colds and infections disease by reducing discomfort, helping to shorten the duration and preventing  secondary infections.
As mom, you'er in-charge of your children's health. That means feeding them healthy foods, limiting their exposure to toxins, and yes, what you do to help them get better when they are sick. No matter how hard you work to keep your children healthy, they're going to experience sickness from time to time. How you react and what you do during that time can make all the difference. You don't have to be a doctor, you don't have to be a nurse. All you need to be wiling to learn and do it. To being safe and effective , essential oils are fun and easy to use.

Must Be Chosen High - …