Emotion & Love of Teenage

Inside the body , the brain controls some of the most important functions of everyday living. The brain also controls the functions that comprise the mind - thought, memory, emotion, inspiration, imagination and others. The mind encompasses some of the most sensitive matters of teenage life namely emotions, relationships and love.

During the teenage years, new thoughts and feelings emerge in every single teen. Teens begin to develop their own morals, values and beliefs , which at times can be different from their parents feeling sad and angry teens.

During the teen years is when the ability the love " romantically" really develops. So yes, teens do fall in love, no question about it. Some teens will experience feelings of love without actively trying to others will get into a relationships and fall in love with their partner. In any case it is important for teens to remember that they are still young, and that love is a tricky subject as many teens often mistake infatuation for love.

Teens should keep parents involved in their love life and should talk to their parents before making decisions about relations.

Teenage is the most beautiful part of the life -  full of madness, passion and emotions...


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