PERSONAL Development ... Building Self-confidence.

Confidence is not something that can be learned like a set of rules; confidence is a state of mind.

Confidence comes from feeling of well- being, acceptance of your body and mind(self-esteem) and belief in your own improve ability, skills and experience.
Ways to improve confidence:
- Planning and preparation
People often feel less confident about new or potentially difficult situation. Perhaps the most important factor in developing confidence is planning and preparing for the unknown.

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- Learning, knowledge and training
Learning and research can help us to feel more confidence about our ability to handle situations, roles and tasks.
- positive thought
Positive thought can be a very powerful way of improving confidence.
" Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.
                 Helen Keller
Author, political activist and lecturer. The first deaf and blind person to earn a BA degree in the US."
- Try to recondition the way you think about your life.
* know your strengths and weakness
* we all make mistakes
Don't think of your mistakes as negatives but rather as learning opportunities
* accept compliments and
compliment yourself
Thank to people when you receive a compliment from them.
Recognise your own achievements and celebrate them by rewarding yourself and telling friends and family about them.
* use criticism as a learning experience
* try to stay generally cheerful and have a positive outlook on life.

- Talking to others and following their lead

Generally people are attracted to confident people- confidence is one of the main characteristics of charisma
" confidence is contagious.
So is lack of confidence
              Vince Lombardi
US football coach."
- Experience
As we successfully complete tasks and goals, our confidence that we can complete the same and similar tasks again increases.
- Be assertive
Being assertive means standing up for what you believe in and sticking to your principals.
- Avoid arrogance
Arrogance is detrimental to interpersonal relationship
Admit to your mistakes and be prepared to lough at yourself


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