Jealousy is a killer:How to break free from your jealous feelings..

Jealousy is a killer. Relationships end because of jealous conflicts and people kill other people because they are jealous.
When we jealous we worry that our partner might find someone else more appealing and we fear that he or she will reject us.
We may believe that our jealousy may keep us from being surprised, help us defend our rights, and force our partner to give up interests elsewhere.
Similar to worry, jealousy may be a " strategy" that we use so that we can figure out what is going wrong or learn what our partner "really feels".
Similar to other forms of worry, jealousy leads us to focus only on the negative.
Jealousy can be an adaptive emotion
People have different reasons-in different culture-- for being jealous.
But jealousy is a universal emotion.
Evolutionary psychologist- Devid Buss in The Dangerous Passion makes a good case that jealousy has evolved as a mechanism to defend our interest.
In fact , jealousy-in some causes-may reflect high self- esteem:"I won't allow myself to be treated this way."
Jealousy may reflect your higher values.
Psychologists---- specially psychoanalysists --- have looked at jealousy as a sign of deep seated insecurities as a much more complicated emotion.
Notice that it is a feeling inside you. But you have a choice of whether you act on it.
What choice will be in your interest?
Accept and observed your jealous thoughts and feelings.
WHEN you notice that you are feeling jealous TAKE a MOMENT, BREATH Slowly, and observe your thought and feeling.....


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