Domestic violence's effect on CHILDREN

Break the silence and raise your voice
say domestic violence is a crime and violation of human rights
Make a peaceful family environment for children


Throughout the world, most women are victims of some forms of touture or violence at least at some stage in their life. Different nation and international instruments have explicitly recognized domestic violence as a crime against humanity and it is a punishable offence too. At least one in every two women faces domestic violence. The impact of domestic violence is huge at family, CHILDREN,society and national level.

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Withnessing violence, in general has been associated with emotional behavior, and learning problems in children's susceptibility affected by developmental level, chronicity of exposure, physical closeness to the incident, and emotional closeness to the victim. It is not surprising, therefore, that expouser to marital violence has been associated with a variety of poblems in children.

The roots or seeds of discriminations should have to be overthrown from the mind. Awareness has to be grown that domestic violence is not a mere private matter, but it is a punishable offence. Strong collective efforts are must to combat this ghastly social disease.


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