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Sex Interests And Sex Behavior During Adolescence, and Risk

Young adolescents must acquire more mature and more complete concepts of sex than they had as children. The motivation to do so comes partly from social pressures but mainly from the adolescent's interest in and curiosity about sex.                                                   
Because of their growing interest in sex, adolescent boys and girls seek more  information about it. Few adolescents feel that they can learn all they want to know about sex from their parents. Consequently they take advantage of whatever sources of information are available to them- sex hygiene course, books on sex, or experimentation through masturbation, patting, or intercourse. By the end of adolescence, most boys and girls have enough information about sex to satisfy their curiosity.

Studies of what adolescents are primarily interested in knowing about sex have revealed that girls are especially curious about birth control, the "pill," abortion, and pregnancy, Boys, on the other hand, wa…