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NAPPING Can Facilitate Motor Memory Consolidation

Part one:We've all heard of the merits of power naps, says Tiffanie Wen, but are there good and bad ways to sleep during the day?But evidence is growing that napping can produce cognitive benefits from increased alertness to improve motor skills, perception and memory consolidation.SoHowdoyougetthebestfromabriefbitofShuteyes?In a study published last year , researchers found that both nocturnal and daytime sleeping improved memory consolidation for unrelated word pairs - like 'Pepper' and 'Elbow' - Suggesting it can help if you're trying to learn tricky - to - remember concepts.Another study, conducted at the BeijingUniversityofTechnology, examined the effect of napping on athletes after training. It found that naps could improved brain function and visual systems , and promote physical and mental recovery - a result that is in line with earlier research demonstrating that nappingcanfacilitatemotormemoryconsolidation.Instudypublishedin 2008 , theuniversityofCal…

Late Adulthood Beginning of Relationship to Marriage Life.

Love, Intimacy , and adult relationships go hand -in- hand.
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Proposed that love consists of three complements :
Passion, decision / commitment and intimacy.
Passion concerns the intense feelings of physiological arousal and excitement.
Whiledecision / commitment  concerns the sense of warmth and closeness in a  relationship.
People express intimacy in three ways:
Physicalintimacy involves mutual affection and sexual activity.
Psychologicalintimacy involves sharing feelings and thoughts
Socialintimacy involves enjoying the same friends and types of recreation. RelationshipinmiddleAdulthood Essentialto preserving a quality relationship is the couple's deciding to pract…