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Mom n kids

You can't compare with anything the relationship between the mother n her children. How beautiful the relationship is difficult to explain.Justcansaybecause of you I'm in the world Mom. When you respect a woman you respect your mother...


Fatherhood is very important part for children growth and development.

Life and our thinking

What is life and how to organize do we think about that? We don't know no even what we want. Everybody confused about their life very unhappy then also trying be continue life with new hope. Sometimes very difficult to think positively but  we need to feel without good thinking can't move forward though sometimes our surrounding  circumstances make us very unhappy, tired and helpless. Positive thinking make a person more efficient and energetic that makes successful in their life. Try to understand the people who are around you. Keep your mind one thing that you can't make everyone happy just try to adjust with a nice heart and beautiful Smile. **** If you are beautiful with your inner beauty you will get the happiness. It doesn't matter what people thinking about you just do your work positively. End of the day you will be tired but happiness will be with you. ****