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Havighurst's developmental tasks ,Late Childhood(6to10to12years)

 6years old

 10 years old
Learning physical skills necessary for ordinary gamesBuilding wholesome attitude toward oneself as growing organismLearning to get along with age-matesBeginning to develop appropriate masculine or feminine social rolesDeveloping fundamental skills in reading,writing, and calculatingDeveloping concepts necessary for everyday livingDeveloping a conscience, a sense of morality, and a scale of valuesDeveloping attitudes toward social groups and institutionsAchieving personal independence

HAVIGHURST'S Developmental Tasks During The Life Span

Babyhood(2weeks to 2years)and early childhood(2to6years):Learning to take solid foodsLearning to walkLearning to talkLearning to control the elimination of body wastesLearing sex differences and sexual modesty Getting ready to readLearning to distinguish right and wrong and beginning to develop a conscience.