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Breast Feeding For All Infant

Activities Of The Infant

Mass ActivitySpecific ActivityesSensory Capacities Of Infants:VissionTastHearingSmellOrganicSensitivitesSkin Sensitivities

Adjustment Of Infancy

 Adjustments of infancy:Temperature Changes , Loss of Weight         Breathing, Disorganized BehaviorSucking and Swallowing, Infant MortalityEliminationphysical Development:Infants differ greatly in appearance and physiological functions at birth and in their early adjustments after birth.Size, Infantile Features, Physical Proportions, Physical Functions

The Organization For Children In Bangladesh


INFANCY PERIOD ( 0 to2 weeks)

Infancy is the shortes of all developmental periods.Infancy beings with birth and ends when the infant is approximately two weeks old.SUBDIVISIONS Of Infancy:Period Of Partunate(from birth to fifteen to thirty minutes after birth)Period Of the Neonate(from the cutting and tying of the umbilical cord to approximately the end of the second of postnatal lofe).A happy and healthy newborn baby will spend most of its time sleeping or eating.