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Factors Affecting(unfavorable condition)The Baby In The Prenatal Period

However,some factors that do affect the baby can be controlled to some degree.Unfavorable Conditions In The Prenatal Environment:Malnutrition of motherVitamin abd glandular deficienciesExcessive use of AlchoolExcessive SmokingUse of drugs, especially narcotics and tronamilizersDiseases that are constant,such as Diabetes,Tuberculasis, or CancerCertain Temporary diseases, such as Rubella and The Venereal diseasesSevere and Constant stress on the mother.Some unfavorable conditions bring about a "Miscarriage".



Prenatal Developments (Link)

Some useful link(you can get more information by this link) ....................Prenatal DevelopmentCritical periodPregnancy Fetal

Development prenatal period(Image--- 5 to 8months)

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The Period Of The Embryo And Fetus (Image)

Image: Birth Spira

Period Of the Zygote(fertilization to end of second week))

 The size of the zygote-that of a pinhead remains unchanged because it has no outside source of nourishment, it is kept alive by yolk in the OvumAs The zygote passes down the fallopian tube to uterus, it divides many time separates into an outer and an inner layer.The outer layer later develops into the placenta,the umbilical cord,and the amniotic sac,and the inner layer develops into a new human being.About ten days after fertilization, the zygote becomes implanted in the nuterine wall.



Images Of Prenatal Development


Images Of Prenatal Development


Development Of Conception Period

The prenatal period(After Conception)the baby begins to grow and development.Life begins at the moment of cocception.Merwdth has reported that the average length of prenatal period is 38 weeks or 266 days.70% of babies vary from36 to 40 weeks(252 to 280 days)and 98% 34 to 42 weeks(238 to 294 days).
prenatal develomment is orderly and predictable,the importent developments taking placc during this period.

Responsibility Of Genes

Some of genes are responsible for determining physical and mental traits, such as :Height,Hair Color,Size and Shape of the nose,Intelligence,Artistic Talent andTemperament Some of the genes are Dominant, other are Recessive.After conception, genes cannot be changed or traded for different ones.

The Hereditary Package

Within the sex cells of every man and woman are twenty-three pairs of Chromosome. A Chromosomeis a threadlike structure that has strings of tiny particles called Genes. The Genes are the true carriers of Heredity.

What Happens At Conception :

At the moment of conception a sex cell of father, called a Spermotozoon, unites with a sex cell of the mother, called an Ovum, and fertilizes it.

Conception(Planing and preparing for parenthood)

Before conception couple should begin some preparation for parental role.Three important areas of this preparation are :Physical well-being,psychological health andfinancial security.The most important preparation after confirming the pregnancy :Medical check ups,Health care during pregnancy,Medicines during pregnancy,Choosing a hospital andChoosing a name for baby.

Meaning Of Growth And Development

Some developmental phychologists study developmental change covering the life span from conception to death.Development Means a progressive series of changes the occur as a result of maturation and experience.This means that development does not consist merely of adding inches to one's heigth of improving one's ability.Two essentially antagonistic process in development take place simultaneouly throughout life growth and atrophy.Both begin at conception and end at death.

Topic Summary

Topic Summary:This topic explains that child growth and development features,changes,decline.Learning about children leads the way to better understanding of what they are all about .How do children grow and develop?What make themdifferent?Howdo children changes as they grow older.The answers to these and other questions are important in learning to live and car successfully with children.To include more basic and relevant information and ideas to stress throughout of family involvement in the care and guidance of children.