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Early Puberty in Girls Linked To Higher Risk Of Problem Behaviors

Girls who start puberty early may be at particular risk for problem behaviors as teenagers, a new study suggests- (Reuters Health) . But parents who are alert to the risk might be able to step in and prevent the problems, the researchers say. The risk might be related to the girls’ friendships. In their study, girls whose bodies started to change before age 11 were more likely later on to have best friends who misbehave. But, the researchers found, most of these harmful friendships weren’t yet formed by age 11. So while the girls are still young, this might be a time for parents to monitor them closely, support them, and prevent these dangerous friendships from getting started. “Peers are increasingly influential from childhood through adolescence, and girls who mature earlier than their peers may be drawn to more delinquent friends for a variety of reasons, such as wanting to fit in, being teased by other classmates, or not having the emotional development or social competence to match t…