How Passions, Emotions And Love Related With Each other....

Emotions are fleeting and short- lived: Passions are the opposite. In their most genuine form , a passion stays with you for a lifetime, no matter what happens.

Certain things you do for Passion, others under the push of an emotion.

Love is a passionate commitment that we nurture and develop, even though it usually arrives in our lives unbidden. Just a powerful feeling, without the passion it is more dedication , without commitment is more infatuation. Without nurture even the best can wither and die.

Passion is attractive. We are drawn to passion in others because it kindles our own emotions.

Biologically love is a powerful neurological condition like hunger or thirst, only more permanent. Love is basically chemistry , while lust is a temporary passionate sexual desire involving the increased release of chemical such as testosterone and estrogen.

Deprived of it, it can feel like an obsession, all consuming a physical pain. Love is the driver for all great stories.

" The best and most beautiful
things in the world cannot
be seen or even touched.
They must be felt with
the heart..."

Helen keller


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