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Adolescents towards Parents
- regard their child as an independent, mature person
- take an interest in their children
- accept and understand the adolescent, trust their child
- engage in calm discussions with their child calmly and examine problems in depth
- allow their child areas of freedom
- reflect on their own childhood
When asked what Parents should avoid doing, adolescents responded...
Parents should not-
- constantly punish by prohibition
- shout, mother or inflict corporal punishment
- have no time for them
With regard to parenting goals, three areas of their children's upbringing were identified as being particularly important to parents

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- learning to handle money
- receiving as sound education
- and especially important to mothers, the achievement of independence and autonomy.
Parents are fully aware  of the need for both. Parents to take an active role in bring up their children. They try to achieve consensus through at least on basic questions. In everyday life, one or the other of the parents is often more permissive, although it is usually fathers who are stricter .
No differences were found between adolescents from single - parents families and those from nuclear families or between boys and girls.

Raising family and social awareness:

#Compulsory premarital health screening
#Depressed persons has the 
right to dream their own ways
(Depressed person is not a 
burden for your family, 
it is your responsibility to love 
and care them)
My concern to reach this 
massage to everyone.. 
#Say No to Racism 
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